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Blackstone's Police Investigators’ Q&A
  • Use the Q&As to highlight areas of weakness in your knowledge — target your revision  
  • Don't use the Q&As to revise — study a section of the Manual and then do a test  
  • Use the tests to consolidate all your hard work — study a section, do 4 or 5 Q&As, then go back to the Manual to look over any errors  
  • Don't use the Mock Exam to test yourself — do a maximum of 3 Mock Exams  
  • Remember to read the lead-in question carefully — don't answer the question you think you've been asked  


How many questions are there for each topic?

The number of questions for each topic varies greatly as some areas, such as Burglary or PACE Code C, lend themselves to greater numbers of questions than, say, Blackmail or Kidnap.

When was the last update to the site?

The Q&A site is updated to the new syllabus at the end of the last exam each year (for 2015, this is on 25th November 2015). The site is also updated with new questions throughout the year, with about 30 questions added per month.

How can I ensure I have answered all the questions in the topic and not repeat questions I have already answered?

There are no provisions in the online system for completely preventing repeated questions. This is due to the varied number of questions per subject area, but also because the Q&As should not be used as the only method of revision. The Q&As are there to test you and prepare your exam technique — for this reason, the Q&A authors recommend using the Mock Exam facility a maximum of three times, and for the Test facility to only use the options for 5 or 10 questions at a time. This also prevents users from running out of questions, as the databank holds a finite amount.


I have forgotten my username and password. What should I do?

If you have forgotten your username and password, please use our automated reminder system here.

How do I subscribe to the Q&A?

You can find out how to subscribe here.

Which online subscription is the best for me?

As there is a short period when two NIE syllabuses are available, we strongly recommend candidates who wish to subscribe to the online Q&A purchase a subscription with the year of their exam in it. For example, if you are taking an exam in 2015, then you should purchase a subscription with 2015 in the title.

What happens after the last 2015 exam?

The final 2015 exam is on 24th November 2015. After this date, the 2015 Manual and Workbook will no longer be available and the Q&A will update to the 2016 syllabus. All subscribers will automatically be upgraded to the new edition if their subscription period runs past the date of the final exam of the current edition. This is the same for both Manual and Workbook subscribers and those using the Q&A.

I have a 2015 subscription but there is still time left after the final exam. What happens to my subscription?

All subscribers will automatically be upgraded to the new edition if their subscription period runs past the date of the final exam of the current edition (the final 2015 exam is on 24th November 2015). This is the same for both Manual and Workbook subscribers and those using the Q&A.

I am taking an exam in 2016. When can I purchase a subscription?

The online Q&A will remain on the 2015 syllabus until after the final 2015 exam (on 24th November), but will update for 2016 questions from 25th November. For this reason, Q&A and Combined (Manual, Workbook, and Q&A) subscribers are strongly advised to wait until 25th November to purchase their subscriptions.

If I subscribe now will I get immediate access to my online subscription?

Yes, you will be issued with a username and password which entitles you to access the products you've subscribed to today.

My force / institution has purchased a site licence. How do I access the Q&A service?

Click here to go directly into the online product. If you have any problems accessing this, please call your administrator. You need to be using a computer on one of the force's / institution's networks.

What happens when my subscription comes to an end?

You will be notified when your subscription is due for renewal. At that time you will be asked if you wish to renew your subscription and will be given details of how to resubscribe.

What should I do if my contact details change?

If your contact details change, please Contact Us.

Exams and syllabus

Where do I go for information about the exams and the syllabus?

General information about the exams and a copy of the syllabus can be found on the Course Information page. All exam-specific queries should be referred to the College of Policing direct.

Functionality/contents problems

There is wrong information in the Q&A. Who should I tell?

Please contact us. We will confirm and rectify the error as soon as possible. Where possible, please supply a screenshot so that we can locate it easily on our system.

One of the cross-reference links in the text doesn't work. Who should I tell?

If a cross-reference link in an entry isn't working, please contact us. We cannot correct faulty cross-reference links immediately but we will correct it as soon as possible.

Technical questions

What are the technical requirements for using this website?

In order to access the website, you need a standard web browser such as: Internet Explorer 8 or 9; Mozilla Firefox 8 or 9; Safari 7; Google Chrome 17 or 18.

You will also need an internet connection, HTML, and JavaScript support. Your operating system should be one of the following: Windows XP; Windows Vista; Windows 7; MAC OSX+.

The Blackstone’s Police Investigators products are best viewed with a screen resolution of 1024x768, although they will also work at higher and lower resolutions.

What if I have problems accessing the website?

Please do the following:

  • Check that you are connected to the internet when you try to use the site
  • Try going to another website. If you can't, your internet service may be experiencing problems
  • Check that you are typing your email and password correctly
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  • Check whether you are using a firewall

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  • Check whether you are behind a proxy server
  • If you are, it may be blocking your access to Contact your system administrator and ask them to allow you access to the website
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  • Check whether you have cleared your cache recently

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